( 1 customer review) Take a trip into hunting heaven with Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer. Are you adeer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Alton picked his buck and dropped him with his .32 Winchester Special. Arizonas Kaibab Plateau is 1,100 square miles of the arid Southwest between the Grand Canyon and the Utah border. However, the rack was impressive enough that a drawing of it appeared in the 1939 edition of North American Big Game. 215. Published Feb 20, 2015 1:28 AM EST. The Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow for Deer Hunting- Review, 19-Best Hunting Gear for Cold Weather 2023, 49-Best Christmas Gifts for Bowhunters 2022 |Gift Guide|, 51-Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Hunters |Gift Guide|. But thats where the fun ends. This magnificent buck was a 55 and his main beams measured in excess of 27? He spotted a giant buck bedded in the trees and put the sneak on him before anyone else spotted it. Number 2Unknown Oldie. The result was a pretty tough workout hauling out one of the biggest mule deer ever taken by a hunter. Simons has killed three other deer that grossed over 200 inches, but this was by far the largest muley he's ever hunted. November 15, 2022 |Brow Tines and Backstrap. So he settled his gun on back of his pack, took careful aim, and eased down on the trigger. It also has nine impressive scoreable points on each side. These are from some of our early days.every buck in this story grosses over 2. After taping it out, the buck has an outside spread over 31 inches and a left G2 that measures 22 4/8 inches. Missouri Monarch This buck is known as the Missouri Monarch. Additionally, SCI does not measure the tip-to-tip spread or the greatest outside spread of a deer's antlers. This buck has a 26 2/8-inch main beam on the right and a 26 1/8-inch main beam on the left. Spend $150 more to qualify for a free Rolling Thunder Turkey Call set! He was watching the deer on the hillside when he heard yet more rustling from below in the brush. For three decades it sat undiscovered until Murphys son-in-law William L. Karam entered it into the Boone and Crockett Records. This is a brute. This book is a comprehensive look at the largest mule deer ever harvested in the Beehive State. And to think those antlers were slated to be cut into knife handles. The compilation episode of some of the biggest mule deer ever killed on film! Even better, these records go back for decades in many cases. First, white-tailed deer have 32 teeth, but they don't have any upper teeth in the front. Passing on a buck is always a gamble, but sometimes the strategy pays off. Share This Story. The buck had only four well-worn teeth in his jaw and may have likely starved that coming winter. And between the three subspecies, their kind has a modern cult following that herald them above all other animals. Ed left camp around 1 p.m. and followed some deer tracks. He had a massive inside spread of 36 4/8 inches and scored 228 5/8 inches. It also has long main beams with 20 2/8 inches on the right side and 19 4/8 inches on the left. It also covers current management policies in Utah and displays the top counties where the biggest deer have been historically harvested. I think it is because their antlers are so thick that they were able to run faster than any other deer until they grew in size. Lopez took the buck while hunting with his dad (who was also his offensive line coach) after getting permission to miss football practice that day after school. Published Jan 1, 2020 4:26 PM EST. The SCI #1 typical Rocky Mountain Mule Deer was hunted by Max Johnson with a rifle in San Juan County, Utah in October of 1968. Then, Broder had to make a life-altering decision. . Tomorrow: One of Brandon Wicks's Most Memorable Elk Hunts. With the traits that he had at that young of an age, I could only assume that he had the potential to become something incredible, Simons said. Even back in the early 1970s, hunters from California got heat from locals. Have you signed up to our Email List yet? Ontario, 1977. It's easy. Simons noted hes a big fan of MeatEater. But the shrinking effects of a warm, dry Nebraska farmhouse have taken a large toll. Frankie's dad gave the buck to Bill when they met Bill on the road headed home. Neither one of us knew what he was, explained Ross. Soon they began their hike down to where they eventually spotted the buck, still thrashing inside the tree line. boone-crockett.org. Photo credit: Frank Cheeney via Pope and Young. But since were talking about mule deer, I doubt they would run fast with a heavy pack. Check out the non-typical world record. I started glassing the Spanish dagger where I saw him last, and then I spotted his antlers. Heavy packs are for people who need to carry lots of stuff plus have plenty of gear to keep them busy. This deer is one of the biggest that I have ever seen and one that could hold the record for a very long time! Brett Cooter Ross had a buck tag in his pocket and an antlered deer of unknown size in front of him. It now sits in a Cabelas somewhereand its not attached to a knife. The rifle shot echoed across the mountains and Levi and Ross briefly celebrated the fact that once again they would bring venison back to camp. The last measurement youll take is the inside spread, being sure to use the widest point and stay perpendicular to the base. This particular deer doesnt have a super-wide spread (relatively speaking), coming in at 17 5/8 inches. 8. Simons ran the tape multiple times and thinks the antlers will gross around 292 inches and net around 289 inches. Which is why I wouldnt be surprised if the pack of mule deer was very fast with a heavy pack. The deer was reported to be lying in a backyard of a residence located on Fruitwood Lane . The problem I have with the way the descriptions used to be is that there were two distinct groups. With one shot from his .30-06, Urban severed the bucks spine at 175 yards. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. The main difference between scoring a whitetail and a muley is how you handle the tines. Hes also in the Boone and Crocketts Top 20 with a non-typical mule deer buck he took in 1963. Or, perhaps its a combination of the two. Big-Game and Draw Hunts; Draw Licenses and Fees; Draw Info, Odds & Success Tips; New! The saloon closed and the antlers appeared at the Handicraft Shop where a taxidermist bought them and sent them to Boone and Crockett. No one, of course, knows exactly how much, but many antler collectors have some estimates. Rocky Mountain mule deer usually weigh 150-200 pounds, though they are sometimes known to weigh upwards of 300 pounds in some cases. If your interested in meat hunting call your local game and fish office and they will link you up with somebody who needs an overpopulated deer herd managed. At 278 inches Boone and Crockett, the buck is world class in size, but will forever be tainted because of how it was killed. Mule Deer fanatics will recognize the name J. Lary Barr. Mule deer are loved by many, but hunted by few when compared to the more popular whitetail deer. Congratulations on a great hunt. Kirk Payne had a heart attack, and his doctor told him specifically not to go hunting. Below we've listed the most significant mule deer hunting accomplishments in each category. With numerous children to his name, who would get the Model T, chaps, saddle and the monster buck? CARSON CITY What separates man from beast has long been debated. He had me pegged, but I think all he could see was my hat. Those deer, as listed in the B&C record book, include the 284 3/8 inch "Brady Buck" taken in 1892 in McCulloch County by an "unknown hunter" and a 272 inch whitetail that was found dead near Junction . Thinking it was simply a squirrel, he ignored it and watched a few deer on the hillside. After Clifton died in 1956, the antlers hung in his garage, then an uncle displayed them in his California restaurant for six years. It was here in 1943 that Alton Hunsaker was hunting with three friends on horseback. The appearance sent my four buddies into a flurry of conversation. Most of them have done so for much longer. This is the heaviest whitetail deer ever killed. Ross Colorado muley is eligible for OLs Deer of the Year program. It also ranks as the second-largest buck from Wyoming, listed only behind the famed Hoback Buck. If you love exciting hunting and outdoor adventure videos -Please like, share, and subscribe to allow us to keep creating!Click https://www.youtube.com/user/CodyL2H?sub_confirmation=1Watch for brand new episodes on Outdoor Channel! Where Hunting Happens, Conservation Happens. ), Urban was followed by his boys in a CJ-3 Jeep. However, reports indicate the buck was butchered before Canadian authorities could . 80. It broke the 50-year record held by the #2 Spot! The buck was on display at the Idaho Fish and Game offices in Boise, then it was showcased at the Boone and Crockett headquarters in Cody, Wyoming. The buck scored an impressive 195 2/8 inches and is a dandy archery buck at 39 on the Top 10 Biggest Pope and Young Typical Bucks of all time. A pool hall, a laundromat and a hardware storeall perfectly good places to display a deer head. If you fish for bass, youre always after a bigger one than you caught the day before; if you like to huntgobblers, youre always on the lookout for a bigger and better bird than the last. This deer, the smallest of the three subspecies, has a 16 3/8-inch inside spread. In 1965, they all decided to take nothing but trophy bucks that season. But after realizing it was one of the best typicals in all of Idaho, he probably got over it. When I graduated boot camp, and the day I came home from Iraq. The sambar is the largest deer species native to India and southeast Asia. It was displayed in bars, visitor centers, museumsand then finally scored and recorded in the Boone and Crockett record books where it's stood the test of time as the third-largest mule deer ever recorded. Have you ever wondered how big the Biggest Deer Shot really are? And after plenty of cell phone pics and a few very masculine, best-friend man hugs, Ross and Levi headed back down the mountain with the buck on their ATV. Fortunately, hunting clubs and whitetail enthusiasts have devised methods of measuring and scoring a given set of antlers, usually via a point system. The boys winched the carcass up to the Jeep and likely had backstraps for supper. Check out these 10 monster bucks that were taken throughout the country. From the Recordbuck Ranch Facebook page: Jerry has finally received the official score for his monster buck. This fall, at 6.5 years old, the buck made its biggest leap yet. This marks the first time CWD has been detected in this hunting district out of more than 100 deer sampled there over the last three years, the agency said in a statement. Which begs the question: Why arent more bird hunters using them? Which begs the question: Why arent more bird hunters using them? By Mark Kenyon | Published Feb 20, 2015 1:28 AM EST. David took the rack to a local bow shoot to show it around. Barry Peterson shot this monster buck in 1995 in Colorado. Lester Millers 5x5 buck is a world record in its own right. It paid off in spades for Artie McGram in 1987. Mule deer fanatics will also likely recognize the Taylor Brothers (Ridge and Cash). In 1997, the other siblings filed suit, wanting the head returned. Naturally, the folks at Boone and Crockett wrote a prescription for some x-rays and the truth set the rack free. The Piceance deer herd has been listed as an endangered species since 1989, with the population declining due to habitat loss, poaching, and transmission line collisions. If youve ever hunted the rabbit, you know the fear of a mule deer. 1. Score: 226 4/8 Inches. It was about 1 p.m. when I left camp and set out through some heavy timber, Broder continued. The agency also reports hunters killed about 44,000 mule deer and 51,000 . When the buck abandoned its cover to get a better look and smell, Simons took his shot, ending the four-year journey with this deer at just 50 yards. The compilation episode of some of the biggest mule deer ever killed on film! KANSAS TOP 20 DEER RECORDS *Harvest by muzzleloader. Just take a minute and stare at it. 10-28-2010, 07:23 PM. The snow crunched and Boyd thought it must have been Bill. To his credit, he did stick mostly to his pick-up instead of hoofing it up and down the hills. Boom! The rack of this deer is still on display in a local museum and is truly a sight to behold. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though the odds may be long, you shouldnt discount the possibility that you will one day see your name attached to a world-famous buck. With 24 points on the right side and 23 on the left, this mystery buck was eventually crowned the second biggest mule deer in the records. And its rare. The duo known for finding world-class muley bucks were guiding Barr when the deer was taken.
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