Now that Rikis awake, he sits up on the headboard. Jongseong doesnt see either of them until theyve all met back up at the late-night Mexican place for quesadillas. Because it was easy? Heeseung supplied. That was nice, Jongseong says lamely, roughly, getting out of Jungwons space. He doesnt need to say it. He was also your best friend., Was my best friend, Riki points out. Not really. slack: hey bestie you have a notif Just today itappeared in passing on Reddit. I like who you are now too, Sunoo replied. Tell me something real., Riki swallows, digging his fingernails into his palms. Like most trends these days, I first noticed the proliferation of the term bestie on TikTok. Heeseung laughs and shuts his book, putting it on his bedside table. Hes a slob. White or transparent. BuzzFeed has a popular YouTube series where celebrities read selected thirst tweets about them. I know its awkward, and I know hes still mad at me. Jongseongs heart clenches in his chest. Sunooand everyone but Riki, reallylost The Bet, as well as $500 split unevenly among the six of them. Jungwon catches a smile pulling on Rikis lips. But this is the difference: when Riki looks at Heeseung, he is not trying to find anything. With him?, Dont ask me that, Riki says with a chuckle. Jongseongs throat feels tight. Heeseung is half the reason why Riki is the way he is. I dont have access to the Oxford English Dictionary, so I turned to the next best thing: Urban Dictionary. Sunghoon-hyung gets twenty. If Jongseong knows one thing about Heeseung, its that his moral compass is a little bit skewed. Uh, what do you want me to say?, I justI havent hung out with you in ages because youre always hanging out with him.. Jongseong places a hand on Jungwons waist, and hes not so careful about it, the way he pushes him down to the carpet until hes laid flat on his back. He once hacked my Instagram and started posting ugly photos of me on my story, Jungwon said. Jongseong and Jungwon; Heeseung, Jake, and Sunghoon; and strangely, Riki and Sunoo. Perfect Of course I want you to stop.. Almost all of Heeseungs clothes are already baggy on Heeseung himself, so Jongseong practically drowns in them; the fabric has slipped to the side, exposing a collarbone. I cant explain it. Jake doesnt think hes ever seen Sunghoon like this. Sunoo slings his tote bag around his shoulder. How do you know about that?, Riki shrugs. With a guy since?. Hey, he says, for lack of anything better to say. He knows thats real, just as much as he knows he doesnt love him anymore. He knows it by the way Jongseong cards his fingers through the back of his head, hugs him from behind instead of saying hello, rests his chin on Jungwons shoulder, breathes him in, and tells him he smells good. Do you know him? Riki asked, eyes flicking back down. Heeseung was not Sunoos replacement; Heeseung wasHeeseung. i thought you were going to korea tmr to see ur grandparents, jongseong Theres a reason why Riki and Sunoo made that bet; it happens to be the same reason why both Jongseong and Jungwon accepted. If You have a Bestie, Keep them We are more than best friends, we've been through way more. It doesnt make me, he says, and then he realizes they need to get off this topic, of all the things Jungwon loves about Jongseong, because if they dont, Jungwon is going to confess, and now is not the time. Me and jungwon have something to tell you guys, sunoo Did you cry? Heeseung asked, wrapping an arm around one of Rikis knees. Hes always there for Riki. Riki groans. When he and Sunghoon met eyes, they both stopped in place and awkwardly stared at each other for a good twenty seconds. Hes bound to be awake, so Heeseung texts him back. It happens to you. His lock screen lights up with two texts sent at the same time. Im fine. He snaps his gaze back up. Where are you heading to?. Five-hundred dollars.. When Sunoo arrives, Riki looks up and says, Five-hundred dollars., Sunoos eyes pop out of their sockets. Did something happen?. Excuse me for not wanting to stumble blindly into a foursome unlike some of us here, Sunghoon says, pointedly looking at Jake and Jongseong. Im not sure if guilt is in his toolbox of emotions.. But its an important one. But I didntyou have to understand that I didnt Riki takes a long moment to calm down, to swallow the knife in his throat and breathe. Riki giggled so hard his stomach hurt. I dont think Heeseung feels guilty. OH MY GOD? What are you guys whispering about? vypratanie bytu po zosnulom Sunoo and Sunghoon loop in the rest of the group minus Riki the day after. What does thatits not like I can have them both., Sunoo sighs. So thats why Sunoo is distraught downstairs. Please consider turning it on! They hadnt looked at each other once the whole conversation, their eyes focused on the small Switch screen propped up before them, but then Heeseung looked at him, dropped his controller to the side, and pulled Riki into his chest. Jongseong, Sunghoon, and Jake had just started living together in an apartment off-campus, and it was awkward for a few days: Sunghoon would lock his door at random points, Jake would bring a full change of clothes to their shared bathroom as if they hadnt already seen it all, and Jongseong would go pink all the way up to his ears whenever he met eyes with Sunghoon, because each time he did he couldnt help but remember how hes had that guys dick up his ass. Most of all, he makes Riki feel like he belongs. You see the guy on an almost daily basis., I dont know! Urban Dictionary: not playa Riki nodded. He looks at the painting again, squinting and looking for a face hidden in the composition. A person who no matter what is the best thing that ever happened to you. And Ive heard some stuff about him., The stranger tilted his head to the side. Nope. He asked Sunoo if he wanted to go smoke with him outside, but Sunoo didnt want to get crossed, so he said no, and Riki went outside on his own. the keg yonge and eglinton parkingmary calderon quintanilla 27 februari, 2023 / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av A generalization: When Sunghoon and Sunoo arent bickering with each other, theyre looking at each other like they want to eat each other. Youyou guysan orgy? Jungwon looks like a volcano seconds away from erupting. Hes in love with Jungwon too, but. Its so hard, and its so embarrassing. Eight minutes in, they realize they forgot to bring the alcohol. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. It at least puts them on speaking terms, Sunghoon says on the street corner as they wait for all the cars to pass. Your apartment., Sunoo has to hurry. Once they reach the bottom of the stairs, Sunoo says, I can walk you back to your dorm. I GUESS ITS TIME TO CONFESS MY UNDYING LOVE TO PARK JONGSEONG, sunghoon To stay?. There are curled, pale strokes near the top, flattened into the base, white, jagged strokes filling the upper-middle section of the painting, orange and yellow highlights thick and almost visceral, giving the painting dimension. But I know that its his birthday today. Is it so bad that I want to make him pay? Why? Jungwon asks. Promise me we wont let things be weird again., Sunoo laughs. Its one of many reasons why Jongseong has come to love him so much. Yeah. Im sorry. Hes exhausted, but his social battery is full and begging to be used. Jungwon hooks his arms around Jongseongs neck, pulling him closer, if that was even possible. There must be something there, even if its not love. Riki still hadnt taken his shoes off. How long have you two been planning that? Jake asks on the walk back to their apartment. If A then B, truth values, disjunctions, and tautologies. Why you broke up with him?, For the first time throughout this whole conversation, Riki looks up and looks at Jake; his eyes are cold. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Go cozy up with ur bf, heeseung Overwhelming, but good. 2 definitions by Bestie vibes only. me: a new one? Perhaps the one good thing that came out of it is that it roped Heeseung into their trio. Yeah, Painting One, Riki says, walking over to his easel and picking up the palette he left on the ground from last night. Heeseung knows this. Buthe was right, I think.. I dont know how I feel about that. That's not all, though. He nods, breathless. He smiles as soon as he realizes the answer he was looking for. Let them learn. As much as they tried to avoid each other, the proximity helped ease the awkwardness. I didnt do anything, Riki says as he types out, every single level is the same. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. Pretending to be in love with Yang Jungwonwell, its not like Jongseong has anything to lose, and from the way Sunoo is looking at him right now, insistent and impatient, it seems that he really wants to make high margins off his ex-boyfriend. Can I get your number? Riki asked after an awkward beat. Sunoo, Jake, and Sunghoon are something. Boyfriend: Hey, wanna go to the movies with me later? Shop high-quality unique Vibes Urban Dictionary T-Shirts designed and sold by independent artists. Jungwon types back. He likes spending time with Heeseung and he likes being his best friend. Yeah, exactly. Sure, Jongseong fell in love and Heeseung got a new fuckbuddy and some new friends from it, but new developments are fundamentally different from change. I still care about you, and I know it doesnt seem that way, and I know I dont show it and I know that I havent ever shown it since we broke up, but I justI care about myself too., Oh, Sunoo says. Even when you shouldnt., Jongseong laughs. I wanted to talk. And you seem different lately., Sunoo turned to look at him and nodded. But you also want Jungwon, and you think that picking him is going to end up with you losing him.. He did not ask or tell anyone about that. Im very curious to see if that would make you ignore me more or less.. That I do. He shoves his hands deeper into his pockets. hope you're having a good day responsemary calderon quintanilla 27 februari, 2023 / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av . All of us were making it really awkward, and by the time things got better between us, I was afraid of ruining things again.. Whenever any of them ask them what theyre doing, they say that theyre working on The Bet, which doesnt make any sense, because The Bet depends only on Jongseong and Jungwon, and theyre already doing their part. My phone is my bestie. Jake cant keep secrets when hes drunk, so Riki took the opportunity to ask him why, at the party, Jungwon and Jongseong were making out and continually sneaking glances at Riki, as if to make sure he saw, and Jake ended up spilling everything. Riki still had no idea who the guy was; he asked Sunoo and Jungwon, and neither of them had anything insightful to say. When Riki broke Sunoos heart thirty minutes before and watched him pick up the pieces, he hadnt shed a single tearthere werent even any tears for him to suppress. Not Jake, though. We might as well get this out of the way. (vb) n. Slang A distinctive emotional quality or atmosphere that is sensed or experienced by someone: a nostalgic vibe to the decor; a stranger who gave off bad vibes. "Step On Me!": BTS's J-Hope Takes ARMYs' Thirst Comments Seriously They also fell in love, but looking back, that was probably the most inconsequential part of their whole relationship. Instead of lamenting the loss of the one person who youve previously been able to (physically) lean on in times of trouble, the internet has presented a new solution: What if everyone is your bestie now? Right, Jongseong says, then he realizes that Jungwons own laptop is closed, that Jungwon is looking at him, expectantly. Hes going to visit me at some point, and I want to sneak him into the Google Headquarters., Jungwon laughs. He knows where they stand. No one says anything. Riki makes a noise. There are seven of them on the balcony of the sophomore dorms, sitting around a circular table as they pass around a bowl. We should hang out more, said Heeseung. Hes also noticed how much Sunghoon looks at Jake. So what if it was my first time?, Have you Sunghoon starts. Jongseong hisses, Well you clearly didnt do a good enough job! and kicks Heeseung under the table. Everything about this has been exhausting. Fine. A dark, humbling, shared moment of their college experience. ! Scheming, Sunoo says, fixing his eyes back on the screen. I think as long as its more than three. Jongseong, you can always call me. Hes seen nearly all of Rikis paintings, but none of them have been quite as evocative as this one. He didnt need to explain himself to Heeseung; he knew that, but he wanted to. He thinks about it harder and tries to give Jongseong the sort of answer he wants. Skewed in the direction of Riki. A bestie is the person who you not only go shopping with on a regular basis but also trust implicitly with anything.. besties do not come and go like waves and. I really appreciate it, butIll be fine.. Its like Fight Club, even if it was a one time thing. Can I ask you something? Jongseong asks when Heeseung reaches over him to plug his phone into his charger. OH, THE BET IS $500 NOW I think Im just going to wear this, he says, and Heeseung remembers that Riki borrowed his clothes last night. How did Sunoo even make The Bet with Riki if they werent speaking before?, You know Riki, Sunghoon says. Im going to keep working at the art gallery, but full time., Heeseung nods. Once theyre all settled in Jungwons room, their coats off, sitting on the carpet and facing each other, Jongseong takes a deep breath and starts, Me and Heeseung. Ill give you something real. Sunoo rolls his eyes. Not like, sexual tension, but tension.. Riki is by his side. I feel bad.. Dont worry about it, Heeseung said with a reassuring smile. None of that is new, and none of that will change. Your best friend, he thinks, which is better, but it doesnt sound right either. He closes his notebook and finally looks at Jongseong. They have more pressing matters at the moment. It hurts Jake to see Sunoo like this. Jungwon, he says in a warning tone, his mouth hanging open like he wants to say more, but doesnt know what. He put semi-permanent bright pink hair dye in my shampoo. a short ode to messy college friend groups. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . Heeseung always knew the words that Riki couldnt articulate himself. Our schedules actually match perfectly You take it, he replied, reaching into his pocket. im with riki at the art dept. But the artwork themselvesthose dont seem new. Well, you and Jungwonie too, but we can tell him later.. Riki frowned, and something clawed at his throat. The Meet-Cute, The Honeymoon Period, and The Breakup. Jungwon feels breathless, like hes about to pass out; his face is warm, and hes just realized what hes done and everything that hes said. You go do that, Sunghoon says, not taking his eyes off the screen. Of course, Heeseung is the one who breaks the rules first, but really, its all Sunghoons fault. It can be a thing between us three, though., Oh, Jake exhales, trying his best to seem like his world hasnt been flipped upside-down. Hes unduly self-sacrificing to the point that his selflessness errs on the side of selfishness. He skipped all his classes the first two weeks of fall semester, and when he started showing up, to Jongseongs surprise, they had not one, not two, but three classes together. Sunghoon loses, and Jake completes the rest of the walk by himself. if you knew this would happen why did you agree to it, jake He severely doubts that Heeseung of all people was proactive enough to make new plans. Jongseong begins to fear that hes pushed him too far just when Heeseung asks, Do you know about?, Yeah, Heeseung sighs, frowning. I lost like fifty followers!, Remember the time he drew all over my face when I was drunk, took a video of it, and submitted it as an assignment for his studio class calling it performance art? Sunghoon asked. He cant. Can we not talk about this anymore? Riki met Lee Heeseung entirely by chance. The Breakup. Jongseong and I left anthro together, and he mentioned that you and Riki were at his studio. So I ran.. Yeah, that would do it., Wait, Jongseong says, needing to backtrack. Everyone has noticed. But the three of them have been best friends since Sunghoon threw up all over the carpet of Jongseong and Jakes dorm room freshman year, and not even a foursome will change that. You seem like you try a lot more when youre sober, Heeseung said. He eventually grabs Heeseungs arm and drags him over to the line for food. Yeah, Jongseong should not have let Sunghoon take that hit. Jake, awkwardly standing at the foot of the bed, realizes that he has two options: go into the kitchen and take a shot or two, or stay here with Riki. $24.99 (20% off) FREE shipping. um sorry What else would he be? he asked, voice rougher. I liked you so much, Riki whispers, blinking when he realizes that his eyes are stinging. Its like hes trying to find something. bestie vibes only urban dictionary bestie vibes only urban dictionary Home Realizacje i porady Bez kategorii bestie vibes only urban dictionary Maybe he doesnt know, Sunghoon mutters after a long pause. He was in the middle of a drag, and when he pulled the crutch from his mouth, smoke billowed into the space between them. And Heeseunghas Riki. Somewhere fancy. Jungwon thought he would be happy, but right now, with Jongseong looking so heartbroken and inconsolable, he cant bear the thought of pulling out joy from Jongseongs misery. You drive a hard bargain. Tell Heeseung I say hi, okay?. Riki sat down and tried to look anywhere but directly across from him. He looks at the painting again and swallows thickly, his heart suddenly heavy with something he cant quite understandbut he feels a little closer to Riki, after seeing this. I thoughtwith that girl in high school, Jongseong squints. Weve neverIve tried to give you space, but lately Jungwon cuts off with a frown. Trending Heeseung has issues. I like watching him paint, and he usually lets me, but this time he wouldnt, not even when hes done., Jungwon cant help but smile. So that its more convincing.. Heeseung and Riki would barely post on any social media, but when they did, it was always photos of them with each other. Youre so sweet. Youre joking, right?. I needed him. Jongseong doesnt want to lose him, and if he does this, if they do this, losing Jungwon will only be an inevitability. He cried a lot. Thanks., The stranger, now only clad in a white long-sleeve, picked up the joint and brought it to his mouth. Heeseung would help him dispose of the body without blinking an eye. You know what else is so high? Jungwon chews on his lip, then looks right at Riki. Riki skated till the middle point between them, then lifted off the front wheels, dropped his heel down, and dragged the end on the ground. You can give it back when you go back inside., Riki took it off his hands and quickly pulled it on, the hood falling over his head. Riki smoothed his hands down his thighs, to his knees. After sending a message to himself with Heeseungs name, he gave Heeseung his phone back and asked, Are you free tomorrow night?, Cool. Riki nodded. There were only two reasons why Jake was up for The Foursomewell, three, if you count the fact that he was drunk and they all were drunk and thought it was a great idea. Riki once created a virus that actually destroyed my laptop, Jongseong screeched. Maybe your first time with a guy wouldnt have been a foursome?, Well, I had a great time, and I know you guys did too. The thing about Heeseung is that he takes and does what he wants, and he doesnt care about being gentle or nice about his kisses. So, the person before him said, how do you know Heeseung?, Riki passed the joint back to him, and their fingertips brushed. Im gonna go, he announces, mouth dry as he watches Sunghoons hand slide higher. Jongseong loves him back, and he also still loves Heeseung, but thats okay, because Jongseong has more than enough love to give. Jungwon tilts his head to the side, brows knitted. Especially with the things that matter. I genuinely think that that was one of the worst decisions Ive ever made., Jongseong slaps a hand over Heeseungs mouth. Jungwon grabs his hands. I justwish that it was a harder decision to make., That means you care, Riki. Jongseong will not put himself through that again. Sure, Riki met Heeseung three weeks before he broke up with Sunoo, but correlation is not causation. We can be friends who kiss sometimes, Jungwon continues, extending his socked feet until theyre in Jongseongs lap. He can see how Jongseongs heart bleeds out on the ground every time Heeseung chooses Riki over the rest of them, but he also sees how Jongseong picks his beating heart up himself, staples it back on his sleeve. Sunoo was just so loved by everyone, and Riki loved him too, and he wanted to be like him. With their friend group, at any moment in time, theres a hundred elephants in the room. Jake thinks, wanting very much to melt into the ground right about now. He deserves that. And what are they going to do there?, No idea, Jungwon says; he never bothered to look it up. Meaning of vibes in English vibes plural noun slang us / vbz / the feeling you get from being in a particular place or situation or from being with a particular person: I'm afraid to go there - that place has bad vibes. Jake came to this conclusion the day Sunoo folded him into The Bet and The Plan. You never told me, you know? Sunoo asks, then takes a trembling breath. Its Jungwon who breaks the silence. Its been a while since hes been in Heeseungs room, let alone his apartment. Hes going to do something really great one day because of that. Jongseong tried, and he failed. Dont act like you dont know what Im talking about, Jungwon says. Jongseong and Jungwon arrive last because Jungwon got distracted watching squirrels hop through the half-melted snow, and Jongseong got distracted by how cute Jungwon looked in his puffy coat. He was a choice. When Sunghoon makes to grab the bowl and the lighter, Jongseong nearly stops him because he looks high enough, dazedly smiling at everything and nothing, but Sunghoon is an adult, and he can make his own decisions, so Jongseong lets him. I really do, Riki said, voice cracking. He was so bad at Mario Kart it was funny. . About what? Riki asks, putting his phone down on the desk. Riki leaves Jake at the door and heads into Heeseungs room. We did it all on your own time, and you broke up with me as soon as you stopped wanting me. I miss you, Sunoo said when Riki came over, grabbing his hand and pouting severely. For a long moment, they just look at each other, unmoving. Crafted with love, and you love it despite and for all its imperfections. You know, Riki makes me jealous, that he is to Heeseung what I couldnt be. He watches Riki paint and sketch and oftentimes theres this look in his eyes that says, Youre amazing. Its not something I want more than I want, like, a good time, I guess. Why?, Heeseung smiles. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Do youdo art?, Heeseung laughed. I know it is, andit makes me really happy that you did it anyway. Urban Dictionary: Bestie He usually came over to Sunoo and Jungwons in his free nights to game, do homework together, or just enjoy each others company. left kudos on this work! Love in motion, love because. Its automatic. In the silence, Sunoos phone dings. Jungwons mouth opens, brows furrowing, and he sucks in a harsh breath. But thats not fairits not like he ever tried. Then, Jungwon starts to make these sweet, breathy noises into Jongseongs mouth. Or maybe this is a part of him that Jake couldnt bring out. Hes in love with you. Is that our reputation now?. slack: heyy bestie you have a notification! And then you stopped needing him, Heeseung finished without any judgement. He props himself up onto his elbows, his lips pink and somewhat swollen. Heeseung wasnt there to act as a buffer. I feel likeif he was going to ask Heeseung to stop, he would have already.. Jongseong is biting his lip so hard it visibly starts to bleed, so Jungwon cups Jongseongs face with both his hands to get him to stop, thumbs at the corner of his mouth until he lets go.
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